Steve Durbin, vice president of sales and marketing for Information Security Forum, figured security issues in cloud computing would be solved by now, but ITWire quotes Durbin as saying he couldn't have been more wrong. Companies need to use a provider that will help them implement a security plan from day one.

Durbin tells the website that with how easy it is to get started in the cloud, people tend to forget about security. He said the savings are huge, but it is a good idea to start engaging a security team from the get-go.

On CIO's website, Durbin gave his predictions for what will happen with security in the cloud in 2012. He said with the amount of consumers entering the cloud, there will be some slip-ups by companies and increased hacking incidents.

“I don’t think some enterprises are taking these threats seriously because there is still so much scope for data to be stolen that we are going to see some big breaches and hacks coming that will impact business reputation and consumer trust," Durbin said.

Companies looking to get into the cloud should hire a provider who will give good security and allow cloud-based email and other cloud services to work without security concerns.