According to an article by Nick Coleman, global cloud security leader at IBM, on The Lawyer's website, whether using cloud based productivity tools or cloud-based email, businesses should make sure their cloud computing security solution fits their business to have the best effect. Some service providers will be able to help businesses decide which cloud works best for their company.

"All too often organisations spend time and money developing security strategies that employ the latest - and most expensive - technical controls while turning a blind eye to the basics of risk assessment, policy ­development and the continuous validation of established and required controls," Coleman said.

Coleman writes on the website that the fundamentals of security still apply with any cloud. Individuals within the business should still know where their information is, who has access to their information and how it can be easily retrieved. He said it is essential for businesses to have their data on the cloud backed up.

Gregory Wilshusen, director of information security issues at the Government Accountability Office, told that the federal government needs to have a continued effort to ensure the cloud is implemented securely. Businesses should talk with their cloud computing provider about how the cloud can have the most security in their business.