While security has been a major concern for many people in cloud computing, Joe McKendrick said on ZDNet that it could be becoming a strong point for the industry.

McKendrick draws attention to a John Bussey article in the Wall Street Journal. Bussey said with clouds, companies can get more security if they choose to pay more for the technology. He spoke with Jim Reavis of the Cloud Security Alliance, who speaks highly of security in the cloud.

"Small and medium businesses are insane not to leverage the advantages of cloud computing," says Reavis in the Wall Street Journal. "It ends up being almost in all cases a security upgrade because they can’t otherwise afford the practices."

While McKendrick said the Wall Street Journal story is based off of anecdotal evidence, he could see heightened security in the cloud becoming a force. He said he spoke with a CIO a few months back who felt his data was in better hands with a well trained, cloud compliant provider than trying to keep his own systems up to date with security procedures and protocols. Bussey's story seemed to agree, as he said small- to medium-sized businesses usually wouldn't even have the standard security measures that come with cloud computing.