As developments in cloud computing security improve, a growing number of companies are utilizing the cloud for mission-critical tasks. According to a recent report, many companies would do well to ensure they are implementing basic security measures that predated the cloud.

The Network World report suggested that physical security remains an important consideration, even in the age of cloud computing. While most professional cloud providers ensure the physical safety of their data centers, businesses utilizing cloud-based solutions still need to ensure their own hardware is protected.

Companies can protect their data by ensuring only authorized access to data centers and computers connected to their networks. A person with hostile intent and access to a company's computer can do damage by reconfiguring systems or connecting foreign hardware, the report said. Preventing unauthorized access is a simple way to prevent such attacks.

Approximately 74 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses do not utilize cloud computing, according to a recent survey. Nine percent of those that do not use cloud technology cited security concerns as the primary impediment.