A new malware strain that prevents software from accessing its manufacturer to seek performance and security updates has the potential to destroy a computers and open users to greater risk than most strains seen previously.

Updates are crucial to maintaining the speed and performance of a computer; the malware targets antivirus software as well, which can make a computer's security system useless.

"Once having infected victims' computers, malware will overwrite such update programs. Because the information about a software's icon or version is faked, ordinary users, sometimes even virus researchers themselves, are easily 'fooled' and skip such malware without raising an eyebrow," Nguyen Cong Cuong, a Vietnamese desktop security professional, wrote on his blog.

Adobe products and Java are the most targeted by this strain and most other infections as they are among the most widely used programs. Deactivating Java for unknown websites is recommended to defend against most strains.

For businesses that use cloud computing, this particular strain of malware could be especially dangerous. As companies look to augment security to meet expectations and soothe fears over cloud computing, the inability to update clients' security software could hurt their business and affect the networks of other clients.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19692734-ADNFCR