The world of IT security is constantly evolving, as hackers and spammers develop new ways to circumvent existing network and desktop security measures. To help businesses re-prioritize their IT security strategies in the coming year, Symantec has released a list of the top 10 security trends to watch in 2010.

Above all, the report noted that traditional antivirus approaches will not be enough, thanks to the rise of polymorphic threats and unique malware variants.

"We have reached an inflection point, where new malicious programs are actually being created at a higher rate than good programs," Symantec's Kevin Haley wrote in a company blog post discussing the report. "As such, we have also reached a point where it no longer makes sense to focus solely on analyzing malware. Instead, approaches to security that looks for ways to include all software files, such as reputation-based security, will become key in 2010."

Other trends to watch will be social engineering attacks, rogue security software, fraudulent third-party social networking applications, Windows 7 attacks, Mac and mobile malware, specialized malware, manual CAPTCHA circumvention and instant messaging spam.

This rapid proliferation of security threats can present a unique problem to small and midsize businesses that have been forced to consider reducing IT costs; experts advise these businesses to continue prioritizing IT security for the sake of the continued health of their companies.

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