While Netflix will now mainly work as a company that serves its customers by delivering online movies through cloud computing, they have tried to think of new ways to secure the website and its contents.

Jason Chan, who presented on Practical Cloud Security at the United Security Summit in San Francisco, told the website that there are different ways of doing things in the cloud. For instance, applications traditionally are long-lived with configurations and code changes pushed to the running system. With the cloud, new versions are written and they replace old versions with new instances with no patches or configuration pushes.

"You have to build your architecture so you have survivability if an instance dies," he said on Computer World's website. Chan told the website that hardware is abstracted and no longer measured in servers but in numbers of CPU and megabytes of RAM. Chan said viewing security changes will also be different, as there will be virtually no reason to log in and out to patch applications.

Adrian Cockcroft, who is the cloud architect for Netflix, said in an interview on O'Reilly Radar that the company chose the cloud because data centers couldn't be built fast enough for their own growth rate. He said they were able to immediately launch large-scale deployments with no planning delay.