In putting together an aggregate of multiple surveys on cloud computing, said it found that 82 percent of IT professionals trust cloud computing enough to use it, even with the security concerns.

"Security is always a concern when sensitive data is involved, and that concern is heightened when it comes to cloud services that sit outside the corporate firewall," the website said. "The numbers bear that out. U.S. companies are still feeling out their security footing when it comes to the cloud, but the trend is clear."

The survey said 52 percent list security as a high priority and 32 percent said it is a middle priority. Professionals said there are certain things they are not willing to put in the cloud, including confidential company data, credit card data and confidential intellectual property. Even so, companies continue to do the right thing by reviewing cloud security policies, as 29 percent said they heavily review them and 44 percent said they moderately review security policies.
CloudTweaks said there are some fundamental elements of cloud computing security, including following regulations with regard to data storage and every user having to identify the management system in order to access resources in the cloud. Clamping down on security should be as important in the cloud as it is everywhere else.