Businesses are increasingly turning to mobile devices in an effort to allow employees to work from remote locations and during hours of their choice. However, a recent report from TechNewsWorld said mobile devices create a new set of security concerns that organizations must address.

The report said the mobile workforce can make businesses more agile and provide a multitude of other benefits, but it can also open them up to more security risks because mobile devices, especially the iPhone, are not designed for corporate use.

According to the report, these security issues barely existed when Research in Motion's BlackBerry device was dominant in the enterprise. The company's business-specific model and secure servers made the devices a safe investment.

Now, Research in Motion is losing market share and more workers are turning to such devices as the iPhone that can meet both business and personal needs. This is creating a new set of security issues and businesses are only beginning to tackle the issue of securing their mobile workforce, the report said.

According to a recent report from Windows IT Pro, businesses are quickly embracing the iPhone as an enterprise mobile platform because C-level executives have embraced the device and demanded integration with the company's network.