Security is one of the main concerns of businesses adopting cloud computing solutions. CSO Online said there are some security issues that have flown under the radar and should be kept in mind, including that internal clouds need security as well.

"An organization that is risk-averse enough to avoid the public cloud should be building a secure cloud - possibly the company should be building its dream cloud, which contains all the security controls that it thinks are missing from a public environment," the news source said. "Since the company physically owns the private cloud, incident response can be very swift."

Other issues CSO Online brought up include:
- Companies lacking security awareness in the cloud and on their networks
- Sensitive information is not being taken care of well enough
- Authentication is not run well right now and will need to be improved for better security

Cloud based services may be growing in popularity, but many people are still concerned about how secure the platform is. Research by Varonis Systems showed that 70 percent of companies would use the cloud if it had more robust security in place.