Companies implementing cloud computing solutions often wait until the end of the job to properly consider desktop security, according to Info World. Cloud systems, while easy to use, are highly complex and experts believe companies must lay out specific responsibilities for individual employees to maintain proper security and functionality.

Security protocol must be individually tailored and adjusted by each company. The SaaS provider has its own processes to ensure security, but making it work properly is ultimately the user's responsibility.

"Enterprise IT has a tendency to focus on the technology instead of the solution," David Linthicum writes for Info World. "This is not new to cloud computing, by the way. An indication that this is an issue is when the project is named after the technology or cloud provider, and the project team has no clue on the existing business and technology requirements."

To keep up with technology and competitors, businesses are moving quickly into the cloud. Goldman Sachs referred to global shift as "unstoppable" earlier this month. However, it's not enough just to make the move. To best benefit from cloud computing, according to experts, it must be secure and comprehended by everyone using it.ADNFCR-2553-ID-19632672-ADNFCR