New technology traditionally runs through the IT department, but Paul Venezia wrote on his Deep End blog on InfoWorld that business units are starting to adopt and use software-as-a-service outside of IT. While this may look like it makes the job of IT much easier, technical employees should have a handle over this technology to ensure that it will be as secure as possible.

"For starters, there's the ever-present danger of reliance on a SaaS app vendor that could suddenly shut its doors, causing the loss of untold hours of work and effort, not to mention data," he wrote. "Beyond that, there's the reliance on the security practices of an unknown entity that is entrusted with sensitive corporate data on a whim."

Venezia said this is something that IT needs to keep in front of them. There have been years spent ensuring security throughout the business and the addition SaaS or any cloud based services should not change this.

InformationWeek said when working with a new SaaS vendor, IT departments should ask for things they want and need to ensure security will be there over the long haul. This means figuring out what controls are in place, having a good service level agreement and making sure data can be moved if needed.