The Security-as-a-Service Working Group of the Cloud Security Alliance, a non-profit association formed by some stakeholders of cloud computing, have released a report looking at many security positives that cloud computing could offer a company.

According to the report, some of the security positives cloud computing can offer a business include identity and access management, which means ways to access the information by assuring identity, data loss prevention, which allows for businesses to keep their documents safe and not have to worry about misplacing or losing anything important, and web security, which can provide an added layer of protection to help stave off viruses and malware.

The report also states that email security would be improved in the cloud, as it should provide control over inbound and outbound mail, "thereby protecting the organization from phishing, malicious attachments, enforcing corporate polices such as acceptable use and spam, and providing business continuity options."

Many security vendors are now using cloud computing models to deliver heightened security solutions, the report said. The group said the shift has occurred for a variety of reasons, including greater economies of scale and streamlined delivery mechanisms.