Every government agency looking at cloud based services has made security a pivotal piece of the agenda. CloudTweaks said governing the accessibility of information and isolating information from people who don't need it are important aspects of the importance of cloud computing solutions.

"In the first month of 2012, the U.S. government's CIO departments helped draw the policy paper for how deployment should happen in cloud-based operations of the e-government," the news source said. "These guidelines illuminated on fundamentals that software providers had to meet before provisioning. There were also security measures that cloud corporations creating orchestration and provisioning networks across public domains had to adopt in order to pass the test."

The U.S. government has been in search of a cloud security standard that will help make sure data is kept as safe as possible across all of its clouds, agencies and clients, no matter how much data is put into the cloud. Officials are also looking for ways to collaborate and develop applications to share provisions remotely without compromising security.

GSN Magazine said while the government has to continue adopting cloud based services in an effort to reduce the budget, an eye needs to be kept on risk assessment and security to ensure safety.