New research from the Horst Goertz Institute of the Ruhr-University Bochum in German has found a security issue with Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform from Amazon, according to PC World. Those looking into services such as cloud based productivity tools should look at a provider that can meet security and other needs.

The security attack is known as an XML signature wrapping or, which the news source said has been known about since 2005. It exploits a weakness with the way signed requests are validated online, which could be a problem in the cloud.

"Wrapping attacks aim at injecting a faked element into the message structure so that a valid signature covers the unmodified element while the faked one is processed by the application logic. As a result, an attacker can perform an arbitrary Web Service request while authenticating as a legitimate user," the RUB experts explained in a research paper published in 2009, according to PC World. With the new XML attack, researchers showed they could delete and create images on the Amazon platform. Other tasks could be performed as well.

Dave Wright, VMWare's vice president of technology services in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, said this could be particularly troublesome for business owners in the U.K. who are readily adopting cloud computing, according to OneStopClick. He said businesses in the U.K. have put as much as 80 percent of their infrastructure in the cloud. These companies should use a provider who they can trust to maintain security.