A new strategy is coming soon for the European Union after the commissioner for the digital agenda, Neelie Kroes, said European data protection rules must be made to help the cloud economy. She spoke at a Digital Economy event in Brussels, where she said data protection is an important part of cloud computing.

“Putting your personal data in the cloud needn't mean you lose control of it, or that you’re locked in to one provider," Kroes said. "That's good for privacy, good for user control, and good for a competitive cloud market. Because I don't want a situation where choosing one cloud service means that you're stuck with that decision. And this is of course true even for non-personal data."

Kroes said cloud computing is going to change the way organizations in Europe do business and hopefully help the economy, so she wants to make it a bit more safe for businesses. She said the strategy promotes three things: a cloud partnership to make the money count, cloud-friend protection rules and a supportive home for legal content.

EGovmonitor said Kroes also addressed the IP Forum of the European Parliament and said cloud computing can help people make more of a decent living off of their creativity. The cloud could be an important driver for multiple parts of every economy.