Before a company or individual adopts a cloud computing solution, Sridhar Sarathy, vice president of India operations at Juniper Networks, said they need to ask certain questions about the service's security.

Sarathy said companies need to know whether their data will be segregated, if they can manage their own data in the cloud and if security standards will be delivered to devices and computers in the cloud. Businesses also need to find out if there is a maximum availability of information.

"Important considerations include the speed of recovery in the event of an outage, and the degree of redundancy built into the provider’s cloud infrastructure," he writes on InformationWeek India. "And again, it is worth asking where your data is replicated to – in other words, where it might end up if the providers’ primary data center suffers an outage and systems need to be redirected through its other facilities."

InfoSecurity Magazine said CIOs should ask their cloud computing vendor what the security certification, audits and compliance mandates are. This should help a company gain a better understanding of the cloud services being offered.