In an effort to help fight cybercrime in the cloud, Trend Micro, a computer security company, is looking to link up with the International Cybersecurity Protection Alliance to establish the "Global Cyber Nation" in Washington, D.C. The company said this coalition will help to fight against cybercrime.

"The protection of the global cyber nation needs to look a lot more like the cloud computing model - interconnected at every level, cross-boundary, perimeterless," said John Lyons, CEO at ICSPA. "This gives each member country a powerful, broad stake in the defence of the realm as a whole."

An event taking place at the end of November will help build on the recent calls for increased security in the cloud, as both internet hackers and security companies are ramping up their artillery. British Prime Minister David Cameron calls the ICSPA "a network powerful enough and wide enough to face down cybercrime," so adding help from Trend Micro can only mean good things for companies invested in the cloud.

A recent MicroScope blog post said the U.K. government has earmarked about $1.01 billion in U.S. currency, to fight cybercrime. As more information moves into cloud computing platforms, businesses and government will need to take the appropriate steps to guard that data closely.