A recent study by Broadband Testing and Spirent Communications has found that security in cloud computing is both achievable and measurable.

InfoTech reports that virtual data centers and cloud computing can be equipped with security systems that are capable of resisting all current attacks.

The research put cloud computing environments through real-world testing by creating a test network and bombarding it with the countless threats to desktop security.

Steve Broadhead, founder and director of Broadband Testing, told the news source, "virtual security works in theory but, until there was a way to test it thoroughly under realistic conditions, solution vendors have had a hard time convincing their customers. Without Spirent we could not have done this – the testing proved not only highly rigorous, but also quite simple to set up and run."

While the rigorous testing of a virtual and cloud-based environment is important to prove that the technology can be adequately safeguarded against threats, the development of a trial protocol may be just as important. Broadband Testing's study set a protocol for determining if future cloud security software will be viable in protecting virtual environments.

A recent survey by PhoneFactor polled 300 IT professionals to determine potential for cloud growth, and factors that limit moves into cloud computing. Of those who responded, 73 percent said that security issues are slowing their company's transition to the cloud, InfoTech reports.