Cloud computing has been moving at a quicker pace than most new forms of technology, and the Cloud Security Alliance said it has some new initiatives to help take advantage of this. The CSA wants to help the industry prepare for the cloud by helping keep mobile threats at bay and pushing more innovation.

"In the past year, there's been a dramatic increase in the rise of cloud security awareness," says Jim Reavis, co-founder and executive director of the CSA, at the RSA Conference in Hollywood, Florida, according to Computer World. "I think there's a sense around the world of a bigger push of cloud adoption, and we want to help prepare the industry for this move."

For innovation, the CSA said it will identify key structural isseus for trust and security to get more people to adopt the cloud, incubate technology to help align principals of the cloud with gaps they've found and articulate guiding principals innovators should address. For mobile cloud computing, the CSA wants to resolve issues with usage, push forward cloud-based mobile device management and secure application store and other entities putting programs on devices.

CSA also wants to see more movement toward cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific region, what could be a big area for cloud growth.