Cloud computing solutions have been moving across multiple industry in the past year, and one of the big reasons for that, according to the Cloud Security Alliance, is the maturity of many of the professionals and businesses now using the technology. Jim Reavis, executive director of CSA, said that its upcoming RSA conference will host 45,000 people and discuss how the maturity of the cloud and lesson learned has pushed forward security in recent months, according to ZDNet.

"When we talk to innovators in Silicon Valley, they say it is table stakes that they have a partnership with an identity company or that they build enough of the enabling technology to federate," said Reavis. "They have to think about the cloud services they are providing and not just fitting in, but taking advantage of leading edge practices with identity management."

With these added thoughts comes more security, as businesses now seem to realize more than ever that the cloud is a fast-moving environment in which information must be well taken care of. One area where this is apparent, Reavis said, is President Barack Obama's executive order for better cybersecurity.

A previous story in ZDNet said the order was set up to make foundations for a better security framework between private sector businesses and the government. This could be one of the first of many steps by the government for better cloud computing security.