Entrust's David Rockvam told BankInfoSecurity in an interview that companies need to make sure they are securing the cloud with authentication and encryption. He said mobile devices will be especially important to secure and said instead of a company running security on its own, it may want to use a provider that worries about security for a company.

The website asked Rockvam what some of the key issues are for companies, and he said mobility and the cloud are at the top.

"Then you have to make sure that the traffic running across that is then protected, so you're going to have the authentication there," he said in the interview. "You're going to have encryption and you're going to have to be making sure that those channels to and from the cloud are protected. I think we're going to see a lot of cloud solutions this year when I look at it, people wanting to enable you to authenticate to the cloud. There's also going to be the whole other side of it, which is people taking security solutions and putting them in the cloud for you to use."

CIO.com recently put together a collection of surveys, and while 54 percent of IT professionals said cloud computing security is a high priority, the majority, 82 pecent, said they still trust the cloud enough to use it.