One of the biggest concerns many businesses still have about cloud based services is the level of security that would cover their data and apps. Warwick Ashford wrote on Computer Weekly that the banking industry may provide an interesting comparison to the cloud. While many individuals were initially hesitant to entrust their money with a third party, banks ultimately won the confidence of the majority. Cloud professional Neil Murray said he foresees a future where businesses, much like they did with banks, will move data to the cloud to keep it safer.

"The approach is to strip data from applications and store it in data stores specially designed for each data type, and then consolidate the functionality of all data applications into a single platform, subsequently adding functionality or views of data as each new use case arises," Ashford wrote.

Whether this approach or others work best may be up to the business. Many are starting to see consumers trust the cloud more for security. 

CloudPro spoke with Mateen Greenway, an IT professional, who said companies need to take responsibility for the security of cloud based services by having a risk based approach, designing apps for the cloud and consistently auditing what is in the platform.