Cloud based services have been growing in popularity, but there are still many companies still have a number of security concerns. With the bring your own device and the need for cloud computing services cloud.

Numbers from a report form AccelOps posted on eWeek show that while 65 percent of companies are using cloud computing services, only 46 percent have migrate mission critical applications. About 39 percent believe their existing tools are not up to the standards of cloud security and regulatory compliance.

"It's a sad indictment of the security industry that, in such a well-established market as SIEM and performance monitoring, 39 percent of those surveyed indicated they could not rely on their existing SIEM and monitoring solutions to ensure cloud security and compliance," AccelOps President and CEO Flint Brenton said. "There is much work to be done to ensure that security threats and the risk of data loss associated with cloud environments are minimized."

Another survey from earlier this year by F5 Networks showed that a third of companies feel they are not yet ready to adopt the bring your own device trend due to security. Businesses may want to adopt mobile device management to ensure they are getting the best possible protection.