While there have been attempts to make rules and standardize cloud computing, it's still very much up to each individual company and user how it is used. But, a recent report from Horses for Sources shows that 80 percent of buyers of the cloud said they wanted better standardized business processes. Ann All on IT Business Edge said that is "good to hear" for everyone.

"While companies surely understand the cost and productivity benefits of standardizing processes, they tend to think their own processes are so, you know, special that they are somehow exempt from this logic," All said. "Also, some employees undermine standardization efforts because they fear they could lose their jobs."

All said cloud platforms should not have to add to work at a business, but instead ease workflows and processes, so standardization could help with that. She said the challenge will be to build relationships and focus on the workability of the cloud rather than creating new rules.

In a previous post on business process outsourcing, All quoted a cloud computing executive who said that over time he expects businesses to want to have a go-to set of rules instead of creating their own from scratch each time.