Healthcare organizations have started to take cloud based services more seriously than they have in past years. GovHealthIT said there is a clear need by these companies to now think about HIPAA-related security when it comes to leveraging any kind of cloud solution.

"The trick is to understand the existing requirements, and then understand how the emerging use of cloud computing could provide compliant and secure HIPAA solutions," David Linthicum, a cloud professional, wrote on the website. "In many cases, leveraging cloud computing will improve upon the best practices and technology that exist today."

Linthicum said there are a few steps to having the best possible security, including:
- Understanding the details of the compliance requirements that must be met by the organization
- Be sure to know the role the cloud provider plays in security, as some services may have more built in security features than others
- There must be a business case and a map built to make sure a company is safely making their way into cloud computing solutions

Technology professional Greg Arnette told Healthcare IT News that even though many think cloud computing services are risky, they may in fact be safe than any of the local area servers that doctor's offices or hospitals store information on.