During the Boston branch of Wall Street Technology Association's Cloud Computing in Financial Services meeting, Charles Babcock of InformationWeek said that many executives were striving to find what adopting the cloud could mean for their business.

Babcock quotes Robert Hegarty, global head of market structure-enterprise for Thomson Reuters, who said one big thing businesses trying to make their move into the cloud will have to consider is changes in regulation. He said regulation's evolution is "the wildcard in the market."

According to Babcock, changes are on the way from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the European Infrastructure Market Regulation and other agencies, with one possible change being security risks and exposures having to be reported by financial businesses. In an evolving technology, businesses should always be ready for changes.

While other business leaders were concerned about security, Peter Alpern of Business Finance's website quotes Michael Hugos, a former CIO and principal at the Center for Systems Innovation, who said businesses, whether financial or otherwise, can find increased safety in cloud computing. He called the notion that Google or Amazon not being as good as a small company at data security "nonsensical," as their servers are being attacked more and thus can be guarded better.