Technology experts from across the country came to speak at a U.S. House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation last week. InformationWeek said experts told the Congressional committee that cloud computing is critical to keep the country economically competitive across the globe.

"The cloud is the foundation of the 21st century digital economy," said Dan Reed, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Technology Policy Group, according to the news source. He added that the U.S. is currently in the global lead in the cloud computing market and "that's ours to lose."

InformationWeek said that panelists tried to clear up misconceptions about security of the cloud and went as far to say that the cloud will make things more secure, as data can be centrally stored rather than spread across different physical systems that are easy to attack.

Computer Technology Review said EMC Corp's federal division chief technology officer Nick Combs, who used to work with IT in the federal government, told the subcommittee that in addition to improved security, the cloud offers monetary savings and increased energy efficiency.