As companies race to adapt cloud computing, there's also a race to develop standards for the relatively new form of technology, according to Patrick Thibodeau on ComputerWorld.

"Multiple organizations are in pursuit of the same checkered flag: a set of standards that will facilitate the adoption of cloud computing technologies," he writes.

While it's clear that companies want standards, Thibodeau believes that it's less clear whether companies will work with or against one another to bring a new set of cloud bylaws into play. He said the Open Data Center Alliance and Cloud Standards Customer Council have both announced they look to launch some new standards in the coming months.

Marvin Wheeler, chairman of the Open Data Center Alliance, said the group's intention is to be extremely collaborative and push for standards that will be complementary to all involved. He told Thibodeau that in the end, the multiple effort may help all the groups achieve their goals.

Taking the opposite stance is Ben Kepes, who recently contributed a blog post on Diversity Limited. He writes on the blog that although new standards would put customer's minds at ease, cloud computing is at a place where innovation needs to happen on a daily basis. He said standards have historically slowed down the innovation process, which he said would be bad for all.