From security to industry, cloud service providers have something to offer  [10/31/2013]
Cloud-based managed service providers can offer solutions that transform industries and cybersecurity.
Cloud computing: Changing SMB IT for the better  [10/30/2013]
Cloud computing services and solutons are creating favorable conditions for SMB growth and innovation.
Help desk outsourcing critical to dealing with BYOD landscape  [10/29/2013]
BYOD initiatives have put pressure on SMBs to provide timely support and secure all devices.
New Apple OS prompts concerns from IT departments  [10/28/2013]
Mobile workers are happy with Apple's Mavericks OS and its enterprise-rich features that support BYOD, but IT departments are concerned over how to grapple with ensuring software compatibility and security.
Endpoint security solutions becoming more popular and cloud-based  [10/25/2013]
Endpoint security solutions are moving to the cloud to better address large fleets of BYOD hardware.
Virtual data centers provide relief from cloud IT management  [10/25/2013]
Virtual data centers provide on-demand cloud services so that businesses do not have to focus as much on IT issues.
Balancing IT consumerization with third-party vendors  [10/24/2013]
Outsourcing data protection and endpoint solutions to third-party vendors allow businesses to balance the consumerization of IT.
SMBs use infrastructure management to save on IT expenses  [10/24/2013]
Infrastructure management gives SMBs a way to use complex services without the hassle of managing equipment.
Younger workers may force companies to change endpoint security strategies  [10/24/2013]
Younger employees are more likely to engage in risky behavior with bring your own device policies.
Reinforcing privilege-access controls through MDM solutions  [10/22/2013]
The BYOD trend has created an environment where unecessary user access rights and security privileges are creating new risks for businesses.