Companies should focus on BYOD related risks  [10/31/2012]
As with most aspects of security at a company, the IT department has to stop everything cold in its tracks. Datamation said companies should think differently about a bring your own device policy, as endpoint security is great, but companies need to worry more about managing the risks of a program like this.
Looking at the cloud in 2020  [10/30/2012]
Cloud computing services and solutions have been helping businesses become more efficient and save money over the past few years, but what about down the line? Business 2 Community looked at some ways the industry could change by 2020, a year in which Forrester Research said the cloud will be worth $150 billion.
State CIOs will have tough budget balancing act in 2013  [10/29/2012]
This upcoming year will be a pivotal and busy one for CIOs, as a report by the National Association of State CIOs, TechAmerica and Grant Thornton found that they will have to establish an effective balance between old and new technologies.
Steps for writing a great BYOD policy  [10/26/2012]
When looking to write up a bring your own device policy, organizations need to make sure they are keeping security policies in place and making sure everything is as safe as possible.
Technology spending will reach $3.7 trillion by next year  [10/26/2012]
Companies have been finding great advantages in cloud computing solutions, mobile device management and endpoint security options, and according to Gartner, even more companies will by next year.
Tax considerations in the cloud  [10/25/2012]
Tax rules are currently one step behind cloud computing solutions, according to the Financial Post. Business management and shareholders could be in for some bad surprises, the website said, unless more planning takes place.
Department of Defense adopting mobile device management  [10/25/2012]
In an effort to have a comprehensive mobile strategy across the entire agency, the U.S. Department of Defense has taken a big step to expand mobile beyond BlackBerry, according to FederalTimes.com.
BYOD reduces likelihood of errors  [10/24/2012]
While many think using bring your own deivce within a company will create more security risks, Rob May wrote on Wired.com that it may actually make the network more secure due to the reduciton of errors.
Cloud computing not always cheaper but is usually better  [10/23/2012]
There may be certain situations where cloud computing solutions do not reduce costs for a company but they will make operations easier and better.
Employee mobile freedom a security concern  [10/23/2012]
A bring your own device policy can be a great thing for businesses that have with all of the necessary security precautions in place, but giving employees mobile freedom without endpoint security could be a huge worry for enterprises, according to one security expert at the NetIQ seminar, CSO reported