Security in cloud computing should be appropriate for individual business  [10/31/2011]
According to an article by Nick Coleman, global cloud security leader at IBM, on The Lawyer's website, whether using cloud based productivity tools or cloud-based email, businesses should make sure their cloud computing security solution fits their business to have the best effect. Some service providers will be able to help businesses decide which cloud works best for their company.
Finance businesses moving into cloud computing need to be careful with regulation  [10/31/2011]
During the Boston branch of Wall Street Technology Association's Cloud Computing in Financial Services meeting, Charles Babcock of InformationWeek said that many executives were striving to find what adopting the cloud could mean for their business.
Cloud computing professionals give their top predictions for 2012  [10/28/2011]
As the 9th annual Cloud Expo Silicon Valley is happening soon, Jeremy Geelan of Sys-Con asked top cloud computing executives what some of their predictions for 2012 were in the field.
Defense Department to adopt cloud computing  [10/28/2011]
With much of the U.S. federal government adopting cloud computing services such as cloud based email, the Defense Department looks to be next, according to NextGov's website.
Security in cloud computing should be from the start  [10/27/2011]
Steve Durbin, vice president of sales and marketing for Information Security Forum, figured security issues in cloud computing would be solved by now, but ITWire quotes Durbin as saying he couldn't have been more wrong. Companies need to use a provider that will help them implement a security plan from day one.
German researchers find security issue with Amazon cloud  [10/27/2011]
New research from the Horst Goertz Institute of the Ruhr-University Bochum in German has found a security issue with Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform from Amazon, according to PC World. Those looking into services such as cloud based productivity tools should look at a provider that can meet security and other needs.
Cloud computing can help save money and make government efficient  [10/27/2011]
In making his first appearance as the CIO of the U.S. government, Steven VanRoekel said cloud computing and its features, such as cloud-based email and cloud based productivity tools, can help weed out inefficiencies and create cost savings for the government, according to news sources. VanRoekel was speaking to a crowd in Silicon Valley.
Getting started in the cloud is easier than once though, blog says  [10/26/2011]
Although many have tried to make cloud computing and cloud based productivity tools to be more complex, Ken Hardin said on ITBusinessEdge's blog that he believes the cloud is simpler than most people would think.
Businesses must create security strategy in the cloud  [10/25/2011]
According to a new post on CRN's website, Ben Tomhave, principal consultant at applications company LockPath, said that businesses must build a governance, risk and compliance program, or GRC program, when creating a security strategy for cloud computing. There are also providers of cloud-based email and other programs that will help manage security for companies so that there is less worry.
Cloud computing should have support built in  [10/25/2011]
With tools such as hosted email in the cloud and cloud based productivity tools, businesses should have mission-critical support built into the cloud, according to a blog post by Arthur Cole on ITBusinessEdge's website. He said many organizations stop before moving into mission critical applications, but said there are some cloud companies that can provide great services and even more will come in the future.