Cloud growth about more than money  [10/29/2010]
A panel of experts at the recent Microsoft Professional Developers Conference gathered to discuss the growth of cloud computing and reasons behind that success.
Governments should patrol the cloud  [10/29/2010]
A recent study conducted by Fujitsu found that consumers are, as a whole, mixed about having their personal data on the cloud. On one hand, individuals understand the benefits of cloud computing, and are willing to sacrifice some security in favor of applications that will genuinely improve their daily computing. Conversely, most consumers do not completely trust companies to handle data appropriately, and therefore fear cloud solutions to a certain extent.
Mobile applications riding the cloud  [10/29/2010]
A recent survey performed by Juniper Research anticipates a substantial growth in the mobile application market, expecting an 88 percent growth between 2008 and 2014.
Stealth clouds dropping bombs on IT departments  [10/29/2010]
Every time a user logs on to Facebook, Tweets or participates in business-to-business ecommerce over a social media outlet, that employee is accessing the cloud, opening the company up to any cyber criminal patrolling the online waters.
Teleworking can improve productivity  [10/28/2010]
A few years ago, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services began a complete overhaul of their on-premise computing systems. After considering the various options, the agency decided to forgo desktops altogether and invest in a more expensive solution using laptop computers.
The government needs to step up its cloud legislation  [10/27/2010]
A recent forum held by Brookings in Washington, D.C. gathered industry experts to discuss the potential benefits and risks associated with cloud computing. One of the most prominent conclusions the group developed was the need for the federal government to increase its cloud computing legislation.
Cloud computing facing inherent structural problems  [10/27/2010]
The recent "Issues in Technology Information" report by Brookings Institute details a number of structural problems that are inherent in cloud computing solutions. According to the report, a number of security issues, such as outsourcing to a third-party vendor, are natural parts of the cloud, and could be solved as the technology matures.
Healthcare struggling with IT security  [10/26/2010]
Doctors and nurses are often forced to resort to quick, insecure ways to communicate as they work to save lives and adapt to emergencies in healthcare facilities.
U.S. Army saving money on email  [10/26/2010]
Late last month, the U.S. Army came to an agreement with the Defense Information Security Agency to procure cloud-based email services. At the recent AUSA conference, Lieutenant General Jeffrey Sorenson said the move to cloud computing comes in an effort to cut costs and redistribute money throughout the defense budget, FederalNewsRadio reports.
Data explosion keying cloud growth  [10/25/2010]
Reporting on a recent Google customer event in Paris, Businessworld explained that all attendees were focused on the cloud. Speakers, forum discussions and surveys all centered on the growth of cloud computing and its potential impact on business environments.