Schools may be able to teach valuable BYOD lesson  [11/30/2012]
Companies have been measuring the benefits versus the risks of a bring your own device policy, and Lifehacker said businesses may want to look at how schools handle these programs.
Enterprise-friendly devices may ease BYOD security concerns  [11/29/2012]
Endpoint security worries has been a big issue in many bring your own device policies, but an IDC analyst said more enterprise-friendly mobile devices are on the way and may help to ease the concern of businesses, ZDNet reported.
Having cloud security in the healthcare industry  [11/28/2012]
Healthcare organizations have started to take cloud based services more seriously than they have in past years. GovHealthIT said there is a clear need by these companies to now think about HIPAA-related security when it comes to leveraging any kind of cloud solution.
Control the costs of the cloud  [11/27/2012]
While cloud based services can save a lot of money when implemented correctly, enterprises that don't take costs and other aspects of the cloud into consideration may end up spending more than intended, according to TechTarget's Jeff Cogswell.
Useful cloud management features to have  [11/27/2012]
Managing cloud computing services is becoming more important for businesses than ever, as Wired said companies are looking to corral their growing portfolio of cloud applications.
Cloud outsourcing sees huge increase  [11/26/2012]
Enterprise network management of cloud computing services has become more popular for businesses over the past few years, according to a recent report by Information Services Grou
Infrastructure-as-a-service market set to experience significant growth  [11/26/2012]
Essentially every area of cloud computing is poised for huge growth over the next many years, but a recent report from Pierre Audoin Consultants found that the market for infrastructure-as-a-service will grow across the world by 2016.
Employees, IT struggle over BYOD device use  [11/26/2012]
Without a bring your own device policy in place, companies will often struggle to keep a handle on all the devices using the corporate network. A recent report by Blue Coat found that even after implementation, employees and the IT department don't exactly see eye to eye on BYOD, according to CIO.com.
BYOD risks after implementation cannot be ignored  [11/26/2012]
While there are plenty of risks for a company to consider before implementing a bring your own device policy, InformationWeek reported that attorneys from Foley & Lardner said there are risks after a BYOD implementation that cannot be ignored either.
Cloud can be used to even the economic landscape  [11/21/2012]
Organizations have been using cloud based services to save money and become more efficient over the past many years, but researchers at the University of California, San Diego said small companies and developing countries could use cloud computing solutions to help even out the economic landscape, according to The Guardian.