Expert: Cloud computing is 'outsourcing on steroids'  [11/30/2010]
An outsourcing industry expert suggested cloud computing should be viewed as a form of outsourcing, according to a recent report.
Google-powered netbooks to be based in the cloud  [11/30/2010]
When Google's forthcoming Chrome OS is released later this year, it will offer a new model of operating system that fully integrates a cloud computing model.
Study: Cloud computing seen as offering greater flexibility  [11/30/2010]
Most IT professionals view cloud computing as offering greater flexibility than traditional computing models, according to a recent study.
Wikileaks leverages cloud computing to evade attackers  [11/30/2010]
Controversial media organization Wikileaks has evaded online attacks by shifting to cloud computing services, according to a report in the Guardian.
Survey: Small business owners complacent about online security  [11/30/2010]
Many small business owners believe online security is an unnecessary investment, according to a recent survey commissioned by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Visa.
Thirty new apps released for Force.com cloud platform  [11/30/2010]
Enterprise cloud computing company Salesforce.com recently completed a month-long campaign, during which 30 new apps were released for the company's Force.com platform.
SAP sustainability chief: Employees' values key to corporate sustainability  [11/29/2010]
In a recent article, SAP chief sustainability officer Peter Graaf offers a series of strategies for companies looking for ways to adopt greener policies and practices. Employees' pre-existing values are key to advancing corporate sustainability, according to Graaf.
Leading cloud computing vendor announces revenue growth  [11/29/2010]
Salesforce.com, a leading cloud computing company, has announced significant growth in the third quarter of 2010.
Cloudstock' to bring together cloud developers  [11/29/2010]
A unique upcoming event aims to gather international leaders of the cloud computing revolution under one roof.
New data security study announced  [11/24/2010]
A new study hopes to examine the effects of increased data growth and government best practices on effective data security measures.