Finnish data center demonstrates potential of green IT for cost-savings, environmental impact  [11/30/2009]
Finnish IT services firm Academica has demonstrated the potential of green IT solutions with its new data center, announcing Monday that the data center will use excess heat generated from the servers to heat Helsinki's homes, Reuters reported.
Despite freeze on new projects, IT spending set to increase in 2010, survey says  [11/30/2009]
While midsize and Fortune 1000 companies will not be embarking on new projects anytime soon, IT spending has increased and companies are investing more in consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing technology, said a recent survey from TheInfoPro.
IBM: Pirated software, social networking, cloud computing to be vehicles of malware in 2010  [11/30/2009]
With every new year comes new budgets and new priorities. Unfortunately for enterprises and consumers alike, the new year also comes with new security threats and hacking trends, the top three of which were recently discussed by IBM's X-Force research team.
Survey: Organizations struggling with securing mobile technology  [11/26/2009]
The rapid growth of mobile technology has been both a blessing and a curse to today's businesses; though they are now able to access information - and work - anytime and anywhere, these new technologies have presented an even higher security need for data, platform, connection and network management.
Security remains primary barrier to cloud computing adoption, survey says  [11/26/2009]
Despite the immense popularity of cloud computing and SaaS offerings, many organizations are still holding back from adoption due to security concerns, said a new study.
Department of Energy to grant $18 million in green IT research, development funding  [11/24/2009]
The Department of Energy is proving that green IT is more than just the latest buzzword, announcing Monday that it will provide more than $18 million in funding to support small business innovation research, development and deployment of clean energy technologies.
New Year's resolution: Guard against these upcoming IT security trends  [11/24/2009]
The world of IT security is constantly evolving, as hackers and spammers develop new ways to circumvent existing network and desktop security measures. To help businesses re-prioritize their IT security strategies in the coming year, Symantec has released a list of the top 10 security trends to watch in 2010.
One size does not fit all SMBs when it comes to data backup  [11/24/2009]
Data backup can be a tricky issue for businesses of all sizes, but especially so for small businesses, which often have difficulties deciding between different options that all come with different costs and storage capacities.
Survey: Employees with job insecurity can put your sensitive data at risk  [11/23/2009]
As the recession has eaten away at job security and employee confidence, network management and data security have become a more critical concern than ever, according to a study by Cyber-Ark Software.
Cloud computing is a 'friend and foe' to enterprise security, report says  [11/23/2009]
Cloud computing can be an attractive option for many businesses - especially small and midsize businesses looking for ways of increasing or maintaining security while reducing IT costs - but they come with additional security liabilities, said a new report from the European Network and Information Security Agency.