Meet the cloud generation  [05/31/2011]
As time moves forward through the decades, generations come and go based on core values and consumer trends.
Government adoption a key issue, say cloud experts  [05/31/2011]
According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, how the government enacts legislation on the cloud is set to become one of the main issues the platform faces as it moves forward.
Businesses have options for cloud data backup  [05/31/2011]
The cloud may be a powerful tool for companies looking to make concise data protection plans.
New study reveals commonly cited cloud benefits  [05/31/2011]
There may be several reasons as to why a business chooses to implement the cloud, though a new report by Silicon.com hopes to shed some light on why companies move to virtual space.
Cost reduction should not be sole reason for federal cloud migration  [05/27/2011]
Steve Spano, a U.S. Air Force general and consultant on federal cloud computing claimed agencies only deploying the cloud to save money may be disappointed.
Information security critical during cloud migration  [05/27/2011]
Companies hesitant to transport their business-critical data to virtual space may consider hosting a private cloud, according to a new report by SANpulse.
Study: The cloud gathers down under  [05/27/2011]
Experts say that the Asia-Pacific region is lagging behind the United States and Europe in its cloud adoption efforts.
Legislation to have an increased role in cloud implementation  [05/27/2011]
According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the cloud’s proliferation will hinge on how federal governments greet the new platform.
Study reveals popular enterprise cloud applications  [05/27/2011]
As businesses migrate their data to the cloud, many find their current IT resources are not sufficient for virtualization.
Study: SMBs unaware of cloud computing  [05/27/2011]
Experts say small- and medium-sized businesses stand to gain the most from cloud computing, as it may allow them to reduce costs, remotely access information and grow their IT technology in a quick manner.