INM announces SaaS version of popular eLibrary technology  [05/28/2010]
Integration New Media recently announced the development and release of its industry-leading eLibrary Technology as a SaaS application. The solution allows companies to create comprehensive libraries of content that are user-friendly.
Gartner: Innovation makes Patersons a 'Cool Vendor'  [05/28/2010]
Global market research firm Gartner recently reported that Patersons, a vendor of SaaS-based payroll and human resource solutions, is among its "Cool Vendors" for providing international companies with easy methods of paying employees. An organization based in one nation can pay their employees in multiple different currencies without having to process the paychecks with different solutions using Patersons.
IT leaders name cloud computing among most important new technologies  [05/28/2010]
More than 120 Chicago-area IT executives and other industry experts recently gathered in the Windy City for the CIO Executive Leadership Roundtable. The group named cloud computing as one of the three trends in IT that is likely to change the way companies operate forever, and leave those unwilling to adopt behind.
Symantec: 90 percent of spam now contains URLs  [05/28/2010]
Symantec recently released its Message Labs report for May 2010, which found that 90 percent of spam messages now contain a URL. However, the company reported that many messages use common links to appear more legitimate. The practice has resulted in more successful compromises of personal desktop security.
Three men charged for $100 million malware scam  [05/28/2010]
The United States government recently charged three men for their roles in scareware attacks that netted them roughly $100 million, according to the Register. The group targeted desktop security using advertisements for phony antivirus software that were viruses used to steal information from people's hard drives.
CDC announces development of first SaaS application for Windows Azure  [05/28/2010]
CDC Software recently announced the development of CDC Respond compliance management system - the SaaS application is the first developed using Microsoft's Windows Azure operating system. Citing the growth in the reliability and popularity of SaaS and other forms of cloud computing, the company plans to expand its SaaS product arsenal substantially.
FINRA fines Piper Jaffray $700,000 for email retention failures  [05/28/2010]
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority recently announced fines totaling $700,000 for investment bank Piper Jaffray after it found that the company failed to retain more than 4 million emails from November 2002 through December 2008. Piper Jaffray did not admit to or deny the allegations, however, it will pay the fine, a company spokesman said.
USB drives post greatest risk to desktop security  [05/27/2010]
A report recently released by McAfee found that USB drives, or thumb drives, pose the greatest overall risk to desktop security in both enterprise and personal computer use. Malware from one computer can often find its way onto a thumb drive and activate itself on another when the drive is inserted into the machine.
California's Bay Area residents among U.S.' most tech-savvy  [05/27/2010]
A study recently conducted by Penn Schoen Berland found that San Francisco Bay Area residents are among the most tech-savvy in the United States, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Cloud computing has become an especially popular trend in the region as Bay Area residents frequently enjoy using the latest technology while also appreciate the green implications of cloud computing.
Desktop security under heavy attack in the workplace  [05/27/2010]
Web and desktop security company Bit9 recently reported that a substantial portion of companies' networks are heavily susceptible to malware attack. Bit9 recommends that IT decision makers set computers to avoid running any software not specifically authorized.