Deleted phone files can be recovered, should be secured  [03/26/2013]
For companies that may not have realized the importance of mobile device management to keep track of employee smartphone data and other information, the University of Glasgow has discovered ways to fully recover deleted files from cloud based services using HTC Android and iPhones.
Consistently check on app security  [03/26/2013]
The bring your own device trend is giving way to mobile app developers creating more new and innovative mobile applications than ever. In fact, Gartner estimates that 70 percent of mobile professionals will be conducting work on their personal smart devices by 2018, a big development that has been due in part to the app development within many companies.
Myths in the cloud can cause confusion  [03/26/2013]
Cloud computing solutions have been making some noise across industries in recent years, but a lot of that has been falsities, myths and lies about what cloud based services are and what effect they can have on companies.
ICO gives guidance on BYOD  [03/26/2013]
Companies in the U.K. need to take a look at the U.K Information Commissioner's Office's new guidelines on the bring your own device trend as Lexology.com said it explaijns what people need to cosndier and how they need to prepare for processing personal data through mobile devices with this trend.
Have fun and teach for successful BYOD  [03/26/2013]
A bring your own device policy, historically, is one that is in place to keep the company secure and is not looked upon fondly by employees who want to do everything with their personal smartphone or tablet. However, CITEWorld said there is a choice companies have now; lockdown endpoints completely and mandate security, or focus on the users and make the program more about education and having fun.
Make way through difficult cloud details  [03/26/2013]
Nothing is perfect, and cloud based services are no exception. Peter Wayner wrote on InfoWorld that there are some sticky situations in the cloud that companies will need to make their way through, including machine performance not being uniform. However, if companies look into these problems and solve them early, the cloud should be a great tool for businesses to use and thrive in.
US has half-billion devices connected to the internet  [03/26/2013]
Although it is a scary proposition for IT departments everywhere, it is getting to the point where most employees either have or will be looking to purchase a mobile or internet connected device. This means a bring your own device policy should be at the very least looked at, as these employees will want to use their devices to work.
Buyers still worry about public cloud  [03/26/2013]
Although cloud computing solutions have been proven time and time again to be as secure, if not more, than most IT solutions, InformationWeek reports that a recent survey of 302 loud marketplace participants by the Eversar Group said there are still worries about the cloud.
BYOD and control of data remain as cloud security worries  [03/25/2013]
Cloud based services have been growing in popularity, but there are still many security worries that remain and need to be addressed by companies. With the bring your own device and the need for cloud computing services security, companies should be preparing far in advance of their deployment of the cloud.
Measure and account for risks in the cloud  [03/22/2013]
Like any other aspect of IT, cloud based services feature risks that companies must account for as soon as they can with added security. Roger Grimes wrote on InfoWorld that one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of cloud computing solutions is companies being too worried about the risk, but once they know the average risks that the organization will face, security professionals or an IT infrastructure management service should be able to take them head on.