BYOD cannot be stopped  [03/30/2012]
Although IT professionals have been worrying about the increase of mobile devices from home at the office everywhere, the bring-your-own-device revolution will not be stopped, according to Voice and Data. Mobile device management is something all companies should be looking into right now to help keep these mobile devices from being security sinkholes.
Apps should be segmented on employee phones  [03/30/2012]
Security consultant J. David Kirby, who has more than three decades of experience in health IT, spoke at the HIPAA Summit in Washington, D.C., and told Gov Info Security in an interview following the speech that there are some things companies investing in mobile device management and a mobile policy need to do, such as segment business and personal apps on a phone.
Businesses must make sure they secure the cloud  [03/30/2012]
Entrust's David Rockvam told BankInfoSecurity in an interview that companies need to make sure they are securing the cloud with authentication and encryption. He said mobile devices will be especially important to secure and said instead of a company running security on its own, it may want to use a provider that worries about security for a company.
How to have success in the private cloud  [03/30/2012]
Once an IT team has started the road to the private cloud, Jean-Marc Seguin, chief architect for Embotics, said companies need to examine areas specific to virtual infrastructure to make sure there can be success there.
Most IT professionals trust cloud computing  [03/29/2012]
In putting together an aggregate of multiple surveys on cloud computing, CIO.com said it found that 82 percent of IT professionals trust cloud computing enough to use it, even with the security concerns.
Cloud computing may help with mobile management  [03/29/2012]
Going a step beyond mobile device management, Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, writes on Forbes that cloud computing mobility management could be a great way to help manage the heavy flow of mobile devices into business.
Cloud computing gives SMBs world-class IT  [03/29/2012]
As Gabriele Di Piazza, senior marketing director for Microsoft's operator channels group, put it, cloud computing is a game-changer for small and mid-sized businesses because it allows these companies to have an enterprise-class IT infrastructure.
New security hole found in Androids  [03/29/2012]
A new security flaw has been found in Android devices, which, according to researchers, could allow scammers to perform denial of service attacks and disable the smartphones for a period of time. This is one of the many things that highlight a company's need for mobile device management.
Security, costs top factors for companies considering mobile device management  [03/28/2012]
For companies looking at allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices into work, security and costs are the top factors when considering a mobile device management system, according to a webinar hosted by Telecom Expense Management Industry Association and Wireless Analytics.
Cloud could create many jobs in the banking industry  [03/28/2012]
A recent IDC report said 14 million cloud computing jobs could be created in industries across the world, and BankTech reports that 1.4 million of those jobs could be in the banking industry.