Study: Tablets set for explosive growth  [03/31/2011]
The tablet device market is set to continue its rapid growth in the coming years, according to a recent study published by research firm Gartner.
Study: Smartphone boom set to continue  [03/30/2011]
As the growth of cloud computing enables users to access powerful applications and volumes of data from any connected device, the smartphone industry is set to continue its rapid rise, according to a recent study published by research firm IDC.
Study: Videoconferencing market set for rapid growth  [03/29/2011]
As a growing number of organizations use cloud computing for a variety of purposes, video conferencing and telepresence applications will see an increase in popularity, according to a recent study.
Study: Tablet deployment associated with cloud use  [03/28/2011]
According to a recent AMI-Partners study, companies that deploy tablet devices as part of their IT solutions are more likely to utilize cloud computing solutions, such as SaaS.
Report: iPad 2 release still on  [03/25/2011]
Despite several potential setbacks, including the recent catastrophic earthquake in Japan, Apple's new iPad 2 tablet device is still set for international release on the planned date.
Report: Cloud changes CIO role  [03/24/2011]
According to a recent Silicon.com report, the cloud does not seem likely to render CIOs and IT departments redundant.
EU official: Europe must prioritize cloud computing  [03/23/2011]
At a recent European cloud computing event hosted by Microsoft, Neelie Kroes, European Union commissioner for the digital agenda, said the European cloud computing market needs to be both open and competitive.
Report: Cloud accelerates server set up time  [03/22/2011]
Information technology infrastructure has traditionally been seen as expensive, complicated and high-maintenance. According to a recent BBC News report, however, cloud computing offers companies a way to utilize high-power computing technology with minimal fuss.
Google Docs creator: A2A integration crucial for cloud success  [03/21/2011]
In a recent interview with Entrepreneur, Jonathan Rochelle, creator of the popular Google Docs cloud software suite, argued that application-to-application integration is crucial for successful implementation of cloud computing solutions.
Security in the cloud has significant benefits  [03/18/2011]
A major hurdle for companies making the leap to the cloud is the perceived lack of security.