Cloud procurement for federal agencies a slow process  [06/30/2011]
The cloud may provide several benefits to government IT.
Survey: Virtualized server market grows 22.4 percent  [06/29/2011]
Sales of cloud-based IT infrastructure are expected to climb as a result of the platform's surging popularity.
Student collaboration aided by the cloud  [06/28/2011]
University students tasked with group projects may be empowered by the cloud, as the computing architecture allows multiple people to access information from different computer systems.
Cloud security set to discussed at IT conference  [06/28/2011]
Along with interoperability, cloud security protocols and features will be a major focus of discussions at the upcoming Cloud 2011 conference, as announced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Application-hungry companies devote one-third of budgets to the cloud  [06/27/2011]
Cloud-based applications are one of the driving forces behind the platform's growth.
Companies providing virtual services develop private clouds  [06/24/2011]
At the recent Cloud Leadership Forum, a survey was conducted among attendees to provide conference officials with key data concerning the cloud, reports Network Computing.
Survey: Cloud vendors picked based on services offered  [06/23/2011]
Companies may be more inclined to select a cloud service provider if they offer a large number of diverse applications, stated a new report by Tecala.
Cloud creates an on-demand IT department  [06/22/2011]
For many businesses, the extent of their IT department goes no further than a simple computer help desk, reports InformationWeek.
Enterprise software exhibits growing worldwide revenues  [06/21/2011]
As more businesses recover from the global economic downturn, a larger number of them will spend more on technology.
Cisco product takes to the cloud  [06/20/2011]
Leading IT firm Cisco recently announced its cloud computing intentions with a new service, reported Fierce VoIP.