Businesses gain more than reduced costs with the cloud  [06/30/2010]
Companies from around the country met last week at the Red Hat Summit in Boston to discuss different product management strategies that may be useful to businesses.
ICTs helping to reduce carbon emissions  [06/29/2010]
The Information and communications technologies sector has been criticized for contributing large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, according to an Eco-Business report.
Applicants still submitting bids for government cloud services  [06/28/2010]
The General Services Administration is nearing its bid due date from prospective companies looking to help the government adopt cloud services.
New report states adoption of the cloud is inevitable  [06/25/2010]
Cloud technology is expected to transform storage and computing power into a “public utility,” according to a recent ABJ Entreprenuer report.
Concerns about cloud security may be unfounded  [06/25/2010]
Businesses and IT professionals that continue to have reservations about cloud computing’s security capabilities may not be looking at the big picture, according to a Server Watch report released on Thursday.
IT leaders look to the cloud to reduce costs  [06/25/2010]
Many companies plan to adopt cloud services in the near future, according to a recent Savvis study.
IDC signals cloud explosion by 2014  [06/24/2010]
A new IDC report signaled massive expansion and growth for cloud computing in the next five years.
With more information, U.S. law firms may opt for the cloud  [06/23/2010]
A new study from CompTIA indicates that only 14 percent of U.S. law firms are looking to invest in cloud technology next year, however, the study suggested the number may rise.
New survey finds healthcare sector moving to the cloud  [06/23/2010]
A recent report from Accenture found that the healthcare sector has begun embracing cloud computing more than other industries.
Many businesses not maximizing DLP benefits  [06/23/2010]
Data loss prevention has been a growing trend for IT departments and businesses, which see the tool as a way to address risk management issues. However, according to a recent Network World report, many companies are not implementing DLP in the most efficient and useful way.