Healthcare organizations must take notice of HIPAA updates  [07/30/2013]
More healthcare organizations are now using cloud computing solutions than ever before, but with the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule now added to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and breach notification rules, these agencies will need to be more cautious, Matthew Fischer wrote on Data Center Knowledge.
Banking may provide a roadmap for cloud security  [07/30/2013]
One of the biggest concerns many still have about cloud based services is the level of security that would cover their data and apps. Warwick Ashford wrote on Computer Weekly that the banking industry may provide an interesting comparison to the cloud, as most individuals used to think their money was likely safer under a mattress but were eventually won over by banks to keep their money there.
Getting control of mobile threats as a small business  [07/29/2013]
Incorporating a bring your own device strategy at a small business welcomes many threats in, so Robert Lemos wrote on Dark Reading that businesses should look to mobile device management to help keep these gadget risks in check.
Growing pains in cloud starting to ache less  [07/26/2013]
A recent study by NTT Europe found that 56 percent of CIOs and senior IT leads see their own system as the biggest barrier to adoption of cloud based services.
Take steps to secure data in cloud and on mobile  [07/25/2013]
Organizations looking to adopt cloud based services and mobile device management must make sure security is at the front of their mind with everything they do. A recent report from The Ponemon Institute and WatchDox found 54 percent of respondents have already had an average of five breaches of data on mobile devices.
Businesses must settle reservations before cloud adoption  [07/23/2013]
Many have been critical of cloud based services due to the security risks of taking sensitive data online, but according to a recent Ponemon Institute report, 53 percent of the 5,205 businesses and IT managers surveyed said they were already using these services to store data.
BYOD means addressing compliance, regulation issues  [07/22/2013]
Increased mobility at businesses means a bring your own device policy will be necessary for companies who need to abide by regulations and rules of compliance. Mobile professional Andrei Papay wrote on Business Spectator that BYOD creates new challenges that organizations must overcome.
European healthcare industry uses cloud services to streamline operations  [07/18/2013]
Cloud based services are becoming key assets for European healthcare providers, as they attempt to increase revenue, improve service delivery and unify their applications.
Take precautions when BYOD employees exit  [07/18/2013]
A bring your own device policy, when done correctly, can mean a lot of positive things for businesses, but it also brings up a lot of challenges and questions that must be addressed at the start of implementation. InfoWorld's Lisa Schmeiser said one of these questions is what to do when a BYOD worker is fired, laid off or quits.
Mobile device management helpful for BYOD security  [07/18/2013]
Consumers are now regularly using devices from their personal life for business purposes, a trend known as bring your own device. This is seemingly growing stronger by the day as more people purchase smartphones and tablets.