Embracing mobile can win talent  [07/31/2012]
It's always important to embrace talented, young workers coming into a business. Things can stay a bit fresher and companies are given the chance to take young talent and mold them into skilled workers. ZDNet has a story that says with a bring your own device policy and good mobile device management, companies can bring in some of that young talent that may help take the company to the next level.
There are some props to an open source cloud  [07/30/2012]
Lately, open source cloud computing services have become bigger, according to eWeek, and there are some definite pros and cons to using these public cloud services. The first big positive, the news source said, is the flexibility it gives businesses.
Look to learn from others on mobile, BYOD plans  [07/27/2012]
A bring your own device policy can end up saving a business a lot of money, but this doesn't mean companies should blindly adopt one and not worry about unified endpoint security.
Cloud growth will bring some changes to IT, for better or worse  [07/27/2012]
Whether IT departments like it or not, they will be working in different ways with the advent of cloud computing solutions at their business.
Having unified security in government agencies  [07/26/2012]
Businesses need to have unified endpoint security and mobile device management in place, especially when looking to have a bring your own device policy, but it may be even more important for government agencies looking to use mobile devices more extensively. Bill Prout writes on Government Security News that one city has been having some trouble keeping everything in check.
Avoiding cloud outages  [07/26/2012]
Companies can get to the point where they have their IT network management down, new cloud computing services set up and great help desk software all ready to go, but if they choose the wrong provider and make other mistakes, an outage can ruin everything. InformationWeek said there are some great steps to take to avoid this, first and foremost understanding the provider and what they offer.
Email security more important than ever with BYOD and cloud  [07/25/2012]
Cloud computing solutions and the bring your own device policy trend mean big things for businesses going into the future but also that companies need to have better email security than they ever have before, according to Network World.
Businesses with BYOD should have a backup plan as well  [07/25/2012]
Moving to a "bring your own device" solution definitely has its advantages: the ability to save money, enable workers to become more efficient and productive, and put in place a broader plan for unified endpoint security, but companies should also have a backup plan in case something goes wrong, InformationWeek said.
Small businesses need to use caution with BYOD  [07/25/2012]
When looking into a new bring your own device policy, J.D. Harrison wrote on the Washington Post's blog that companies should be aware of the clear risks the program may carry. There are plenty of benefits, but companies must invest in things like unified endpoint security and mobile device management to make sure all of their assets are protected.
Cloud computing services use in analytics growing  [07/24/2012]
One of the fastest-growing segments of cloud computing services is using business intelligence and analytics to help see what is happening at a company via numbers that were previously loose and not able to be put together in an orderly fashion. Joe McKendrick writes on Forbes that it is still in the early stage, but a survey from Saugatuck Technology said it could be growing very quickly.