Virtualization: Not the sole solution for private cloud computing  [07/29/2011]
While virtualization is part of any cloud offering, these applications in and of themselves do not comprise a complete private cloud deployment, stated consultant David Linthicum in a recent article for Info World.
Cloud benefits receive green technology rating  [07/28/2011]
Aside from cost reduction, IT flexibility and server automation, another benefit to using cloud computing may be to enable a company to go green.
Healthcare organizations slow to adopt the cloud  [07/28/2011]
The Affordable Care Act calls for electronic health records in all U.S. healthcare organizations. To meet these new regulations, many facilities are currently exploring the cloud to serve as the technological baseline for these systems.
Long-awaited cloud guidelines released  [07/27/2011]
As federal agencies move towards the cloud, they seek guidelines detailing best practices for system integrations.
AMI survey finds cloud driving mobile applications increase  [07/26/2011]
According to a new study by Access Markets International, the cloud and mobile applications have helped each other expand in the IT sector.
Telecommunications takes to the cloud  [07/26/2011]
According to a new report by CRN, a growing number of telecommunications providers are considering the cloud to both access IT benefits and deliver better services to their customers.
Cloud maximizes remote worker productivity  [07/25/2011]
The IT architecture of the cloud makes it ideal for companies looking to offer its employees telecommuting solutions.
Characteristics of top cloud services explained  [07/25/2011]
In an effort to clear the air about cloud computing, Jim Haughwout followed the lead of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and developed several defining characteristics of an exceptional cloud offering.
Outgoing U.S. CIO: Some final thoughts  [07/25/2011]
A fellowship position at Harvard University awaits U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra, who will soon be stepping down from his post.
Mobile devices, cloud computing key for small businesses  [07/22/2011]
Seventy-one percent of small- and medium-sized businesses have implemented mobility as part of their plans to make their employees more productive in and out of the office, according to research from Portfolio.com.