U.S. Army moves closer to private cloud implementation  [07/30/2010]
The U.S. Army continues to pursue plans to adopt a private cloud computing setup in an effort to reduce its data centers from 200 to fewer than 20, InformationWeek reports.
New survey finds nearly 60 percent of responding companies think cloud computing can strengthen their operations  [07/30/2010]
A recent survey of cloud computing trends found more companies view cloud computing as a business-improving technology.
68 percent of companies are replacing server hardware with software  [07/30/2010]
A recent Forrester Research survey discovered many companies are investing in green-energy products and services to reduce their expenses.
Data backup in the cloud convenient for businesses, report finds  [07/29/2010]
A new report has outlined different strategies businesses can use to maximize the benefits of data recovery.
CIOs look to managed services to deal with tighter budgets  [07/29/2010]
Stricter IT budgets are changing the way many state government CIOs are embracing new technology.
Survey finds 52 percent of IT heads to spend more on managed services  [07/28/2010]
As the recession lifts, a recent report found more than half of 200 surveyed IT leaders intend to increase spending on tools to improve productivity rather than focus on cost-cutting initiatives.
Gartner predicts worldwide SaaS sales to soar beyond $8.5 billion this year  [07/28/2010]
A recent Gartner report predicts worldwide SaaS sales will surpass $8.5 billion in 2010, an increase of 14.1 percent from last year’s $7.5 billion total.
Cost management is top concern for businesses, SHARE reports  [07/27/2010]
Managing expenses continues to be a top priority for businesses, according to a recent survey conduct by SHARE.
On-premise backup failure results in lost grades at Fleming College  [07/27/2010]
Fleming College in Ontario, Canada recently suffered a failure to its backup systems, resulting in theloss of numerous student grades, the Peterborough Examiner reports.
Expert says businesses looking to the cloud should evaluate their current company architecture  [07/26/2010]
A recent IT Web report identified five key issues companies should consider before embracing cloud technology - architecture, connectivity, security, risk management and government compliance.