Business must be examined before move to cloud  [01/31/2013]
When moving to adopt cloud based services as a company, the CIO has a few areas of the business that must be looked at to ensure everything will work well, according to what Vijay Sethi, vice president of information systems and CIO of Hero MotoCorp wrote on InformationWeek.
Canada taking its time with the cloud  [01/31/2013]
Due to fears of privacy and heavier privacy laws that most countries, Canada has been slow on the uptake as far as cloud computing solutions is concerned. While there are predictions that the technology will grow across the U.S.'s neighbor the the north, they may be behind the 8-ball already, according to Cloud Times.
Government agencies and cloud security  [01/31/2013]
Every government agency that is looking at cloud based services has security as a pivotal piece of the agenda. CloudTweaks said governing the accessibility of information and isolating information from people that don't need it are important aspects of the importance of cloud computing solutions.
Manage enterprise over devices  [01/30/2013]
Although many people will focus in completely on mobile device management with a bring your own device policy, Shawn McCarthy wrote on GCN.com that it may be more important to better manage the enterprise so that the BYOD system can be more successful.
Most go to cloud to save costs  [01/30/2013]
Cloud computing solutions have been heavily adopted across many industries in the past few years, but the reasoning hasn't always been clear for every company.
App security a rising concern in the cloud  [01/29/2013]
Cloud based services have been coming in very handy for many enterprises and smaller businesses, but the issue of app security is on the rise, according to a report by OneLogin and Flying Penguin.
Make a good BYOD business case  [01/28/2013]
Those who are looking to have their company adopt a bring your own device policy need to understand that not everyone will be on their side. Lindsey Nelson wrote on Business 2 Community that the IT department may carry the majority of the work of adopting a BYOD program, but there are other friends within the business.
Business alignment top IT priority  [01/25/2013]
This is a big year for IT departments everywhere, as all different kinds of invasive technology is starting to make its way into companies big and small.
Cloud, increased security two top technology trends for business  [01/25/2013]
With the new year here, companies have been looking at some of the big trends and trying to see how they can utilize them. PwC U.S. put together what they thought to be some of the biggest trends of 2013, with mobile, big data, security and private cloud based services playing a big role.
Security will impact the way cloud is delivered  [01/25/2013]
Cyber security is in flux in the past year and will continue on its current axis during this year. Gartner said one thing that will shift how companies and IT pros see security is cloud based services, as Ruggero Contu, research director at Gartner, said the increased adoption of the cloud at different degrees will heavily influence the shape the security marketplace.