Two-thirds of companies allow employees to bring mobile devices  [01/31/2012]
With the amount of new technology being released, it's not surprising to hear that IT departments are poised to grow in the coming years.
Many executives expect budgets to increase in 2012  [01/31/2012]
In what can only be a good sign for business technology and cloud computing, 53 percent of IT leaders expect their budgets to increase in 2012, including 66 percent of CIOs, according to a survey by TEKsystems.
Cloud computing hits Wall Street  [01/31/2012]
With a volatile market and many companies looking to reduce the amount of money they pay and increase efficiency, many Wall Street firms are starting to look at what cloud computing could bring them, according to Wall Street and Tech.
Mobile may be the main cloud driver  [01/31/2012]
In predictions for what will happen to cloud computing in 2012, IT industry veteran Udayan Banerjee wrote in a recent blog post that while the basic cloud premise of economy of scale, pay-per-use and better sharing will remain in tact, adoption may be a bit slower than many predict. At the same time, he said there may be a difference in this time next year with how people think of the cloud.
Adopting cloud initiatives slowly best move for businesses  [01/31/2012]
While moving to cloud computing could be a great way for businesses to make the next push into technology, Neil Glentworth, managing director of Glentworth, writes on Dynamic Business that companies should take their time when making the move into the cloud.
Businesses need need to conduct 'health check' before moving into cloud computing  [01/31/2012]
With cloud computing gaining steam across many industries, businesses are looking into their options and learning about how to integrate the technology into their operations. Peter Job, the CEO at Intergence, an IT infrastructure technology company, said companies should do a "health check" before making their way into the cloud.
Firm calls the cloud the 'railway of the 21st century'  [01/30/2012]
One outsourcing company believes that cloud computing will play an extremely important role in 2012. Logica CIO David King called the cloud "the railway of the 21st century," saying just as the railways made it easy to move around the country, the cloud will make it easier for companies to share information across the world.
Expert says 2012 the 'year of the cloud'  [01/30/2012]
As far as Alan Priestley, strategic marketing director of EMEA, is concerned, 2012 will be the year of cloud computing. He writes on ZDnet that the cloud barriers companies faced last year should dissipate, resulting in more widespread adoption of the technology.
Indiana University to study cloud computing  [01/30/2012]
With $100,000 in funding, two doctorate candidates at Indiana University Bloomington's School of informatics and Computing will look to study cloud computing and bioinformatics. The funding came from Persistent Systems, and each student will get half of the total to fund the work in their field.
EU commissioner looks to protect data in the cloud  [01/30/2012]
A new strategy is coming soon for the European Union after the commissioner for the digital agenda, Neelie Kroes, said European data protection rules must be made to help the cloud economy. She spoke at a Digital Economy event in Brussels, where she said data protection is an important part of cloud computing.