White House cyber security officer too weak to ensure safe network management  [01/29/2010]
Newly appointed White House Cyber Security Coordinator Howard A. Schmidt may not have enough authority to ensure the security of the country's network management systems, according to a column published Friday.
Green IT seminars cutting environmental impact, reducing IT costs  [01/29/2010]
One training center in Las Vegas is teaching area businesses how to cut their impact on the environment while reducing IT costs, according to an article published Thursday.
Google China desktop security breach may have been inside job  [01/29/2010]
The recent breach of Google's desktop security systems by China-based hackers could have been caused by someone inside the company, one cyber security expert said an interview published Friday.
Air Force desktop security measure requires ID card for online login  [01/28/2010]
The Air Force is tightening up its desktop security policies by requiring all remote users of the service's online portal to present military identification cards before logging in, according to a recent article.
Attacks on infrastructure desktop security suggest 'cyber cold war'  [01/28/2010]
Concerns over desktop security are on the rise as international hackers increase attacks on telecommunications, oil and gas production, electrical grids, transportation networks and other critical infrastructure, according to a study released Thursday.
Apple iPad event brings unexpected network management issues  [01/28/2010]
The unveiling of Apple's iPad tablet computer brought some unexpected network management challenges as people flocked to news sites posting live coverage of the event, according to an article published Wednesday.
Chinese media uses Bill Gates quote in Google network management debate  [01/27/2010]
Members of the official Chinese media fired another salvo in the ongoing skirmish over the country's internet and network management policies on Wednesday, using quotes from Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates in defense of the country's current censorship laws.
Apple iPad tablet opens cloud computing possibilities  [01/27/2010]
Apple unveiled its new iPad tablet computer on Wednesday, and demonstrated the new mobile device's ability to run cloud computing applications and other software.
Studies find firms reducing IT costs for 2010  [01/27/2010]
A number of surveys indicate that companies will establish strategies for reducing IT costs in 2010 as budgets remain flat, according to a recent article.
AT&T Wi-Fi connections increase as businesses are reducing IT costs  [01/26/2010]
Wi-Fi users made more than 85 million connections in 2009 as new mobile internet devices such as smartphones gained popularity as tools for reducing IT costs, AT&T announced on Monday.